The Banje beach was proclaimed one of the most beautiful world beaches in 2007. This pebbly beach has won sympathies of many a foreign and local visitor, primarily because of its location and view on the old town core of Dubrovnik, which is located in its immediate proximity. The beach also holds a catering facility, offering diverse cocktails and drinks. Within the complex you will also find a big restaurant ideal for a romantic dinner on the beach. The beach is fully equipped with showers, changing rooms, deckchairs and parasols for rent. You can enjoy water sports, such as scooters, paragliding, water tube, banana and many others. In the very heart of the season, especially July and August, this beach is very busy, which is why we advise you to enjoy it in the morning, especially if you are seeking a peaceful and restful environment.

The Copacabana beach is a big pebbly beach situated on the northern side of the Lapad peninsula. It is one of the largest beaches in the Dubrovnik area and very popular with all generations of bathers, most of all children. Apart from the sun and the sea, this beach holds two catering facilities, numerous deckchairs and parasols available for rent, kayaks, jet-ski and other water sports. Visitors can go around almost the entire peninsula via kayaks or jet-ski, and the more experienced often take the kayak as far as the outer town Wall.

Sv. Jakov (Saint Jacob) is the elite part of Dubrovnik which holds a well-known pebbly beach of the same name in a small bay under the cliff. This part is also located near the old town core, with a spectacular view of the Town and the island of Lokrum, which makes it a favourite beach of the locals. The beach is situated just under the St. Jacob church, it is very easy to find, however, we recommend the elderly who have difficulties with demanding movements to avoid this beach because the path to it is quite challenging, containing many stairs. The very beach facilitates deckchairs and a catering object offering refreshments and jet-ski rent.

Danče are rocks situated under the St. Mary convent near the Town, just under the Gradac park. The bay faces the west, which makes it a comfortable place to be in all weather conditions. It does not offer conventional water sports, but what you will surely find there is the clean sea and locals playing water polo. The sunbathing areas are located on stone and concrete terraces, where you can enjoy the sunshine until the evening. This beach holds a little café bar with refreshments.

Buža is a unique bathing spot hidden beneath the town walls, which visitors can discover by passing through a small gate in the Walls, the gate of St. Stephen. Having gone through the door, visitors can see only the rocks, a small café bar and the spectacular Walls, that look especially impressive seen from below. The sea is clean. Buža is an ideal bathing spot in case your accommodation is in the old part of the town and you don’t want to take long walks or rides to the beach. The place is very interesting for chilling out in the evening as well.

Neptun is a popular rocky beach, parts of which are concrete terraces. It offers the clean sea, and a view of the exotic lighthouse of the Elafite Reefs, the island of Koločep and other islands. The bathing spot faces the south, which is why it follows the Sun in full arch, from ž sunrise to sundown. Since the beach is located just under the Neptun hotel, you can rent deckchairs there, and enjoy the bar and the restaurant.

President is a pebbly beach located just underneath the President hotel. It offers clean sea, catering services, deckchairs and various water sports. The sea traffic is busier in the summer months, which is why it is not recommended to leave the marked safe sea area, for the safety of both bathers and vessels.

The beaches of Lapad bay
In the very centre of Lapad bay, there is one of the biggest pebbly beaches in Dubrovnik. It offers additional entertainment facilities, such as sand volleyball, water slide and the like, and it is very popular and fit for all generations, which is why it is very busy most of the day. However, the greatest advantage of this beach is the beautiful grass park, providing shade underneath the olive trees, a comfortable place to rest from the strong summer sun and read. There are numerous café bars and restaurants around the beach.

Nudist beaches

The Cava beach is located in close proximity to the Copacabana beach. This pebbly and rocky beach is quite popular because it is the only nudist beach within Dubrovnik town limits. There are no catering facilities in the nudist part of the beach, but there is a small café bar in the other part. As the location of the beach is a quite busy sea traffic spot, we advise you not to swim far from the shore.

Beterina is a nudist beach in Mlini, a small village about seven kilometers from Dubrovnik. You can find it by reaching Astarea hotel, and then continuing on foot towards the south along the coast. It is only a 15-minute walk which it pays off to take, not only because of the beach itself, but also because of the beautiful natural riches along the way.

Supetar is a small rocky island close to Cavtat. Nudists can bathe there on the uninhabited island with the view of Mrkan and Bobara islands, as well as the town of Cavtat. If you look afar, you can even see the island of Lokrum and Dubrovnik itself. Reaching the island is no problem at all because there are regular ship lines connecting the island with Cavtat.

Lokrum is an island in immediate proximity to Dubrovnik and a true heaven. The nudist beach on the island is a 10-minute walk away from the shipping dock which connects Dubrovnik with Lokrum. The island is a nature park with an amazing historical heritage and almost intact natural riches for naturists and other bathers. Nudists can choose between a classing nudist beach and isolated rocks offering a beautiful view of the open sea.